Dear visitors of this website,
we are not a big company, but we know that even the biggest company was once small.
We think the future lies with small, flexible companies that can respond quickly to today’s fast-changing marketplace.
We offer mutually beneficial business cooperation with individuals and companies around the world.

If you are looking for:
– a serious partner
– serious business
– someone who keeps its word
– someone with discipline
– someone who has years of experience
– someone for whom a handshake or a promise is sacred
– someone looking for a partnership for life
– someone you can count on
– someone who uses “common sense”
– someone who can handle themselves in times of trouble
– someone who will work with you in good times and not so good times, write to us. (

What can we do for you? For example:
– communicate with users of your products or services in several languages
– provide sales support for your products
– for smaller companies, we can arrange storage and distribution of their goods to selected countries or to all EU countries
– we can run e-shops and sell your products in the EU
– we can represent your company in the EU, etc.
– we design and manufacture (handmade) various products
– we are video content creator

Michael Moder Trade Limited
Michael Moder, director